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Is it True That Honey Never Goes Bad?

Many scientists have found evidence that honey never goes bad.? Pots of honey that have been sitting in tombs for hundreds of years were just as fresh as when they were made, according to the archaeologists who found them.? Does this mean that honey never goes bad and will be delicious forever? It’s not quite that simple.? Honey never goes bad as long as it’s sealed.? Sealed honey has can remain untainted forever.? It isn’t the only food that doesn’t go bad when it’s stored.? Things like rice and sugar are also stable for an indefinite amount of time.? However, there is one key difference between preserved honey and stored sugar.? Honey is able to remain stable and unspoiled in it’s edible form. So is it wise to eat 100,000 year old honey?? Researchers s...

Is it True That 80% of Weight Loss is Diet?

Is it True That 80% of Weight Loss is Diet? More and more people are trying to lose weight. Not only are New Years’ Resolutions right around the corner, but overall, the world has a weight problem. For aesthetic and health reasons, more people are trying to figure out how to lose weight. One common belief is that Is it 80% of weight loss is diet. But is it true that 80% of weight loss is diet? Scientists have been researching if it is true that 80% of weight loss is diet and we now know the answer. Is weight loss mostly about diet? Gaining weight seems so easy but weight loss is very difficult. What is the secret to losing weight? Is weight loss mostly about diet or is there another major factor that could explain how to lose weight? To understand the answer, it’s important to understand h...

Is it True That Fruit Stickers are Edible?

A few years ago an article began to circulate claiming that fruit stickers are edible. As with any rumors running wild on the internet, it later evolved.? The evolution of this rumor went all the way to encouragement to eat the stickers on fruit because the FDA says they are safe to eat.? Does “safe to eat” actually mean that fruit stickers are edible? In the article it was recommended to continue to remove the fruit stickers but that if you ate a few of them it wouldn’t kill you.? Although it’s true that swallowing a fruit sticker won’t kill someone immediately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fruit stickers are edible. Many things can be eaten but that doesn’t make them edible.? This seems to be the case with fruit stickers as well.? Although,...

Is it True That Milk Causes Acne?

More and more people today are suffering from acne. Once a skin ailment that plagued mainly adolescents, many adults now report having acne well into middle age and beyond. With so many people seeking treatment for their acne, many are also looking to the root causes behind their unsightly blemishes in an effort to prevent breakouts. One common belief is that milk causes acne. Is it true that milk causes acne? A variety of research by dermatologists, beauty editors and nutritionists have gone into determining if it’s true that milk causes acne. Unfortunately, the findings are unclear and contradictory. While some studies indicate milk causes acne, other studies find there is a correlation between acne and ingredients commonly found in dairy products in which case the milk itself is not the...

Is it True That Margarine is Almost Plastic?

Ever heard that Margarine is almost plastic?? Many people have heard these rumors.? Coming originally from one of those chain letter emails passed around, the awful “facts” about margarine were spread as fast as a viral Facebook post.? One those warned people that margarine is almost plastic. Margarine itself has been thru the fire since it’s invention in the mid-1800s.? It’s been claimed that it’s bad for you, that it was once originally a feed for livestock, and even that margarine has NO nutritional value at all.? None of the rumors about margarine are true, not even the one about it being worse for a cardiovascular system than butter.? Some of these rumors may be easily believed, but none was more widely believed than the assertions that claimed to be back...