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Is it True That Under Brown Eyes is Blue?

Some people think that under brown eyes is blue. It is possible that an eye surgery designed to change brown eyes to blue is responsible for the rumor.? No matter where the rumor originated, it gave many brown eyed people who wanted blue eyes a false idea about how eyes get their color. Is it true that under brown eyes is blue? No.? Scientists say that everyone has brown eyes, even hiding under their blue ones.? To understand why blue eyes aren’t hiding behind brown ones, it’s important to understand how we get our eye color.? It isn’t just from genetics but also from how our brain perceives color. The colors that we see are formed because of how light is reflected. This means that even though it looks like a person has blue eyes, they don’t.? We only see their eye ...

Is it True That Lice Like Clean Hair?

Rumors about lice have been circulating since the highly contagious parasite first infested a classroom. Stigma has made it nearly impossible to know if lice like clean hair or dirty hair but it seems there is a good reason for that. As it turns out, lice are less crafty and less picky than we have been led to believe.? So do lice like clean hair or dirty hair? Years ago when lice circulated through school, the kids who had it were seen as gross and disgusting.? Thousands of parents thought that keeping their kids squeaky clean would keep them from getting lice.? Most of the time that was not the case and lice spread like wildfire, regardless of how clean a kid’s hair was.? Some people began to see that lice like clean hair too and others still believed that having lice was synonymou...

Does Vaping Cause Popcorn Lung?

Once commonplace and even endorsed by medical doctors, tobacco use has come under serious scrutiny over the last few decades by both the health industry and society at large. The previously glamorous habit is now seen as dirty and unhealthy. But the reality is people still enjoy the physical buzz and psychological comfort nicotine provides. The industry has responded by innovating new, smokeless ways of ingesting tobacco, most notably in the form of vapes or e-cigarettes. But lately researchers have uncovered disquieting information about vaping much as scientists did with smoking during the mid-twentieth century. Several viral memes circulating throughout social media have found their way into mainstream news which indicate vaping causes popcorn lung. Is it true that vaping causes popcorn...

Is it True That Sperm is Good for Your Skin?

People are always trying new fads to try and improve their skin. From dietary fads to topical treatments, it seems there’s always a newly discovered ingredient that helps improve the complexion. Recently, many have been saying sperm is good for the skin but is it true that sperm is good for your skin? If so, what is the best way to use sperm for improving your skin? Researchers have since disproven the notion that sperm is good for your skin. That does not, however, mean sperm has no beneficial uses outside of pornography and making babies. Why do people think sperm is good for your skin? Marketing hype and the male ego are largely to blame for why people think sperm is good for your skin. Men would like to believe that their ejaculate is the stuff of magic and while it turns out there are...

Is it True That Caffeine Stunts Your Growth?

For years adolescents asking for a coffee have been told that caffeine stunts your growth.? Caffeine shows up in many beverages other than coffee but for some reason soda doesn’t get the same blame as coffee.? Does drinking caffeine stunt the growth of adolescents and make them shorter? In spite of the rumors that caffeine stunts your growth, it doesn’t seem to be true.? Seeing growth from only the perspective of height, research has shown that caffeine consumption does not impact how tall a person eventually ends up.? Even though research has shown there is very little truth to the idea that caffeine stunts your growth, they only evaluated it from a tangible numbers perspective. But does caffeine stunt your growth in other ways? According to many professionals, it could.? In 2...

Is it True That Babies Are Born Without Kneecaps?

Have you ever heard that babies are born without kneecaps?? It’s common for people to think that babies are born without kneecaps.? This is a belief that is actually true and backed by the science of how the knee develops.? As it turns out, babies are born without kneecaps for a very good reason. Babies still have knees but they are born without kneecaps, well the bony kneecaps that we have as adults.? Experts say it actually takes a while for kneecaps to develop and they don’t even begin until after a baby is born.? This means that babies are born without kneecaps, or the patella bone. Is there a reason babies are born without kneecaps? The reason babies are born without kneecaps is actually about reproduction.? Like most things, how babies are birthed evolved with survival in...

Is it True That 80% of Weight Loss is Diet?

Is it True That 80% of Weight Loss is Diet? More and more people are trying to lose weight. Not only are New Years’ Resolutions right around the corner, but overall, the world has a weight problem. For aesthetic and health reasons, more people are trying to figure out how to lose weight. One common belief is that Is it 80% of weight loss is diet. But is it true that 80% of weight loss is diet? Scientists have been researching if it is true that 80% of weight loss is diet and we now know the answer. Is weight loss mostly about diet? Gaining weight seems so easy but weight loss is very difficult. What is the secret to losing weight? Is weight loss mostly about diet or is there another major factor that could explain how to lose weight? To understand the answer, it’s important to understand h...

Is it True That Kissing Burns 6.4 Calories?

Kissing does burn calories.? How many calories kissing burns actually depends on a few factors but experts say that it a good make-out session could be as beneficial as a brisk walk in the park. Does kissing burn 6.4 calories?? It could!? And the good news is the more passionately you do it, the more calories it could burn. Kissing burns calories and has health benefits Whether or not it’s true that kissing burns 6.4 calories doesn’t change the truth about it’s health benefits.? Laying one on someone we care about actually stimulates our mood and helps improve our immunity.? It also just makes us feel cared for.? Everyone knows that after a good session of slobber swapping on the couch they feel giddy.? That doesn’t just go for teenagers in puppy love either.? Even ...

Is it True That Milk Causes Acne?

More and more people today are suffering from acne. Once a skin ailment that plagued mainly adolescents, many adults now report having acne well into middle age and beyond. With so many people seeking treatment for their acne, many are also looking to the root causes behind their unsightly blemishes in an effort to prevent breakouts. One common belief is that milk causes acne. Is it true that milk causes acne? A variety of research by dermatologists, beauty editors and nutritionists have gone into determining if it’s true that milk causes acne. Unfortunately, the findings are unclear and contradictory. While some studies indicate milk causes acne, other studies find there is a correlation between acne and ingredients commonly found in dairy products in which case the milk itself is not the...

Is it True That Your Blood is Blue?

Myths like this one are so strong even teachers believe that blood is blue.? No matter how many people claim that blood is blue and regardless of what seemingly valid evidence they present, they are wrong.? It is not true that your blood, or any blood of a human is blue. Why do people think blood is blue? To anyone who has ever had a cut, it may seem silly to think blood is blue.? All of us who have seen blood have seen it while it was red, so why would anyone think that blood is really blue?? It could have stemmed from the idea that only oxygenated blood is bright red and while that is true, blood is never blue inside the body.? It does change colors when it’s depleted of oxygen, but it actually becomes are darker red, almost purple after it’s done it’s job. Another comm...