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Is it True That Under Brown Eyes is Blue?

Some people think that under brown eyes is blue. It is possible that an eye surgery designed to change brown eyes to blue is responsible for the rumor.? No matter where the rumor originated, it gave many brown eyed people who wanted blue eyes a false idea about how eyes get their color. Is it true that under brown eyes is blue? No.? Scientists say that everyone has brown eyes, even hiding under their blue ones.? To understand why blue eyes aren’t hiding behind brown ones, it’s important to understand how we get our eye color.? It isn’t just from genetics but also from how our brain perceives color. The colors that we see are formed because of how light is reflected. This means that even though it looks like a person has blue eyes, they don’t.? We only see their eye ...

Is it True That Lice Like Clean Hair?

Rumors about lice have been circulating since the highly contagious parasite first infested a classroom. Stigma has made it nearly impossible to know if lice like clean hair or dirty hair but it seems there is a good reason for that. As it turns out, lice are less crafty and less picky than we have been led to believe.? So do lice like clean hair or dirty hair? Years ago when lice circulated through school, the kids who had it were seen as gross and disgusting.? Thousands of parents thought that keeping their kids squeaky clean would keep them from getting lice.? Most of the time that was not the case and lice spread like wildfire, regardless of how clean a kid’s hair was.? Some people began to see that lice like clean hair too and others still believed that having lice was synonymou...

Is it True That 98% of What you Learn is a Waste?

Used as a hot button in political debates, the idea that 98% of what you learn is a waste gets tossed around often in conversation.? Most of us know it’s true that not everyone will need Algebra and Trigonometry during their life, but is it also true that 98% of what we learn is a total waste? Democrats and other advocates looking to change the school system have long said that a large percentage of what children are taught doesn’t actually help them.? Some even say that the way the lessons are taught is also problematic, allowing very little room for comprehension but plenty for competition.? Some lifelong teachers point to the pressure of standardized test scores as a reason that school is a waste of time while others simply say that 98% of what kids learn is a waste altogeth...

Is it True That Honey Never Goes Bad?

Many scientists have found evidence that honey never goes bad.? Pots of honey that have been sitting in tombs for hundreds of years were just as fresh as when they were made, according to the archaeologists who found them.? Does this mean that honey never goes bad and will be delicious forever? It’s not quite that simple.? Honey never goes bad as long as it’s sealed.? Sealed honey has can remain untainted forever.? It isn’t the only food that doesn’t go bad when it’s stored.? Things like rice and sugar are also stable for an indefinite amount of time.? However, there is one key difference between preserved honey and stored sugar.? Honey is able to remain stable and unspoiled in it’s edible form. So is it wise to eat 100,000 year old honey?? Researchers s...

Does Vaping Cause Popcorn Lung?

Once commonplace and even endorsed by medical doctors, tobacco use has come under serious scrutiny over the last few decades by both the health industry and society at large. The previously glamorous habit is now seen as dirty and unhealthy. But the reality is people still enjoy the physical buzz and psychological comfort nicotine provides. The industry has responded by innovating new, smokeless ways of ingesting tobacco, most notably in the form of vapes or e-cigarettes. But lately researchers have uncovered disquieting information about vaping much as scientists did with smoking during the mid-twentieth century. Several viral memes circulating throughout social media have found their way into mainstream news which indicate vaping causes popcorn lung. Is it true that vaping causes popcorn...

Is it True That Video Games are Bad for You?

Once an esoteric hobby reserved for computer geeks, videogames have gained massive popularity over the last few decades. Videogames are a multibillion dollar industry now. But many have questioned the effect of videogames on those who play them. Some have said that videogames have a negative impact but is it true that video games are bad for you? Like many forms of new technology, videogames have a primarily positive impact on users but can be abused. There is no link between videogames and violent behavior, however. Where did the idea that videogames are bad for you come from? One reason behind the idea that videogames are bad for you comes from political fearmongering. The Republican party in particular has been quick to blame video games for mass shootings. Rather than examine larger cu...

Is it True That Sperm is Good for Your Skin?

People are always trying new fads to try and improve their skin. From dietary fads to topical treatments, it seems there’s always a newly discovered ingredient that helps improve the complexion. Recently, many have been saying sperm is good for the skin but is it true that sperm is good for your skin? If so, what is the best way to use sperm for improving your skin? Researchers have since disproven the notion that sperm is good for your skin. That does not, however, mean sperm has no beneficial uses outside of pornography and making babies. Why do people think sperm is good for your skin? Marketing hype and the male ego are largely to blame for why people think sperm is good for your skin. Men would like to believe that their ejaculate is the stuff of magic and while it turns out there are...

Is it True That Mascara is Made of Bat Poop?

It’s well known that many widely used cosmetics throughout history turn out to contain harmful chemicals and sketchy ingredients. Queen Elizabeth famously wore a heavy foundation made of lead as was typical of facial cosmetics at that time. Given the reputation of cosmetics to contain such questionable ingredients, it’s normal to question exactly what’s in makeup and other toiletries. One commonly held belief is that mascara is made from bat poop. But is it true that mascara is made from bat poop? Thankfully, no, it is not true that mascara is made from bat poop. However, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why people believe mascara is made from bat poop. Furthermore, exactly what’s in mascara may still have many questioning using this particular cosmetic. Is mascara made from...

Is it True That Periods Sync?

It’s a common belief that people who spend prolonged periods of time together will also end up having the same menstrual cycle and get their menstrual periods simultaneously. This phenomena is known as “period syncing,” “menstrual synchrony” or “the McClintock effect.” But is it true that periods sync? Will individuals who menstruate and live together find that they both get their period at the same time? Would that also mean they both ovulate simultaneously? Do periods sync after time spent together? The scientific basis for the popular belief that periods sync after time spent together originates with a 1971 study published in the influential scientific journal Nature. The study was conducted by Harvard doctor Martha McClintock using a group of 135 women living together in a dorm. The re...

Is it True That Cats Only Meow at Humans?

Meowing is one of the most endearing aspects of domesticated felines, more commonly known as house cats. Recently, viral memes have spread on social media which indicate cats only meow at people But is it true that cats only meow at humans? Do cats ever meow at each other or other animals? While not all social media memes can be trusted, it turns out this viral meme is based on a real fact. It is true that cats only meow at humans. But why do cats meow only at humans? Cats meow at humans The internet is a very cat friendly place. While there are many online forums and groups dedicated to dogs, very few canines have become part of viral memes the way several notable cats have. Keyboard cat, Grumpy cat, Maru and Lil Bub are all cats whose image gained viral traction online resulting in a uni...

Is it True There are No Snakes in Ireland?

Many people believe there are no snakes in Ireland but is it really true? Researchers have been exploring whether Ireland really has no snakes. So, is it true that there are no snakes in Ireland? Yes, it turns out there are no snakes in Ireland but perhaps not for the reason many assume. Why do people believe there are no snakes in Ireland? People have long suspected that there are no snakes in Ireland and it turns out, they’re right. But the reason why there are no snakes in Ireland may be different than what most people believe. The highly popular legend of Saint Patrick describes how the fifth century missionary brought Christianity to Ireland. In addition to ridding the Emerald Isle of paganism, Saint Patrick is also credited with driving out all snakes. The legend of Saint Patrick is ...

Is it True That Scorpions Travel in Pairs?

Do Scorpions travel in pairs?? Many species do travel in pairs while they hunt for food or search for shelter.? Some also travel in pairs and migrate to a completely different location. Is this true for Scorpions?? Do they also travel in pairs? Scorpions are misunderstood.? They aren’t as mean and aggressive as people think.? For the most part they are quiet creatures just looking for a bite to eat.? They like to hunt at night and often do end up inside someone’s home – but are the Scorpions there in pairs?? Should a homeowner know that where there is one there is two? The answer isn’t that simple.? Since their are many different species of Scorpions it would be hard to say that they all travel in pairs.? In fact, there are so many differences between the species th...