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Is it True That Cats Only Meow at Humans?

Meowing is one of the most endearing aspects of domesticated felines, more commonly known as house cats. Recently, viral memes have spread on social media which indicate cats only meow at people But is it true that cats only meow at humans? Do cats ever meow at each other or other animals? While not all social media memes can be trusted, it turns out this viral meme is based on a real fact. It is true that cats only meow at humans. But why do cats meow only at humans? Cats meow at humans The internet is a very cat friendly place. While there are many online forums and groups dedicated to dogs, very few canines have become part of viral memes the way several notable cats have. Keyboard cat, Grumpy cat, Maru and Lil Bub are all cats whose image gained viral traction online resulting in a uni...

Is it True That All Calico Cats Are Female?

To find out if all calico cats are female it’s best to consult with someone who knows about cat genetics.? Simply put, there are some male calico cats, but most often calico cats are female.? Why it’s this way is purely about numbers and how cat genes get passed down. Are all calico cats female? No.? There are male calico cats but they are unusual.? According to the founder of the Calico Cat Registry International, 1 out of every 3,000 calico kittens are male.? So why do people believe that all calico cats are female?? According to veterinarians, it’s likely because male calico cats?technically?aren’t possible without a genetic mutation, so to speak. In fact, because of the way genetics work in cats – male calico cats usually have an extra pair of chromosomes....

Is it True That Dogs Are Colorblind?

People have believed that dogs are colorblind for years but is it really true?? Some researchers have been exploring exactly what dogs and other animals can see.? Does that mean that dogs are colorblind? No, but it turns out they do see the world very different than humans do. Why do people think that dogs are colorblind? The first time it was recorded that dogs are colorblind was in the late 1930s.? Will Judy, a writer and dog enthusiast, wrote a book called “Training the Dog.”? Inside it he wrote,”It’s likely that all the external world appears to them as varying highlights of black and gray.”? The them being dogs in this context.? It went mostly unquestioned for the next 30 years and seemed to be confirmed in the ’60s when scientists said that only humans a...

Is it True That Dogs Have the Cleanest Mouths?

We’ve all heard a dog lover tell us that dogs have the cleanest mouths.? It probably does make them feel better after getting slobbery kisses or sharing their cereal bowl with their furry friend – but it may not be true. Scientists have been on the case discovering and mapping the microbes in the mouths of humans, dogs and cats.? The findings of their research has proven that this old belief may not be exactly right. Do dogs have the cleanest mouths? According to researchers it may be impossible to tell if dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans.? This is because the microbes found in the saliva of dogs is more than 80% different than what has been found in a human mouth. According to?Floyd Dewhirst, a bacterial geneticist and professor at Harvard, only 15% of the bacteria f...

Is it True that Cats Have Nine Lives?

As the old wives tale goes, cats have nine lives.? Is it really true that cats have 9 lives or is it just a myth passed down from generation to generation? The truth is – cats do not have nine lives.? Sadly, they are just as mortal as the rest of us and only have one life, that will inevitably end.? While it isn’t necessarily true, the saying about cats having more than one life spans across cultures. Admittedly, in some cultures the myth claims that cats have 6 or 7 lives.? In spite of this differentiation, most people will still answer 9 when asked how many lives a cat has. Do cats have nine lives? Some people do believe that cats live more than one life because they are reincarnations.? Cats have been portrayed in movies and on the television to have more than one life as we...