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Is Trump on the Forbes List?

Donald Trump has been the source of much speculation since his election to the presidency in 2016, but is Trump on the Forbes list? His net worth and wealth have been the source of much discussion and misconception. He has famously refused to release his tax statements since being elected despite his promises to the contrary prior to taking office. Well known for many decades as a wealthy real estate tycoon, many wonder is Trump on the Forbes List? Yes, Trump is on the Forbes List but what does that mean exactly? When has Trump been on the Forbes List? Influential business magazine Forbes began publishing its list of the world’s 400 wealthiest individuals in 1982. Known as the Forbes List or Forbes 400, obtaining one of these rankings is a coveted and envied position only experienced the m...

Is it True That Victoria’s Secret is Closing?

Victoria’s Secret is closing 53 stores this year.? The one time lingerie giant has been taking quite a hit in profits over the last decade.? In 2018, the CEO of L Brands (the company that owns VS), announced that Victoria Secret is closing 53 of their locations before the end of this year. Does this mean Victoria Secret is closing? Yes.? It means Victoria Secret is closing some stores but they are not shutting down entirely.? Executives from the brand said that in addition to closing 53 locations in 2019 they also planned to evaluate everything about what they were doing.? After seeing drastic decreases in profits over the last year, the company is closing almost 4x as many stores as it typically does annually. It’s normal for brands to climb up the ladder and then come back do...

Is it True That Amazon Pays No Taxes?

It’s a common belief that despite its billions in revenue, Amazon pays no taxes. But is it true that amazon pays no taxes? And if the rumor is in fact true that Amazon pays no taxes, how is it possible for such a profitable company in the public eye to avoid paying any taxes without running afoul of the IRS? The reality is, it is not true that Amazon pays no taxes but the true accounting narrative is fairly complicated. It could easily be argued that although Amazon does pay income taxes, further transparency is needed to investigate the role of tax credits in keeping the tech giant from paying its fair share of federal taxes. Although Amazon does pay income taxes, it did not pay any federal taxes in 2018. Rumor: Amazon pays no taxes Many democratic contenders have used Amazon’s taxes as a...

Is Trump Plaza Still Open?

Fewer people are spoken or speculated about more than Donald Trump these days. With so much buzz surrounding him, it’s difficult to determine fact from fiction when it comes to Trump and his various business ventures. One such Trump property is Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Many are wondering is Trump Plaza still open? While the 45th president can be evasive, the fate of Trump Plaza is known to journalists and the general public. Trump Plaza is not still open; the casino and hotel complex closed in 2014. But why did Trump Plaza go out of business? Is Trump Plaza still open? Harrah’s at Trump Plaza opened on Atlantic City’s famed boardwalk on May 14, 1984. The name was changed to Trump Plaza later that year. It operated as Trump Plaza for another 30 years before closing in...

Is Trump the Richest President?

According to many sources, Donald Trump is the richest President in history.? Using all types of income to calculate worth, experts have estimated his net worth at 3.1 billion dollars as of Spring 2019.? This number is significantly lower than what the 45th President repeatedly boasts he is worth. Using inheritance, assets, properties, spouses and other sources of income, a few different sources have calculated the income of various Presidents.? Since many Presidents have come from wealthy families that have claimed ownership to land, the numbers collected by researchers had to be adjusted for inflation in some cases.? Even with that adjustment Donald Trump is still the richest President in history by a whopping 2 BILLION dollars. Donald Trump is the richest President in history He claims ...

Is Trump German?

Donald Trump is German – American. It wasn’t really something that many people were interested in knowing until his stance on immigration became apparent during his campaign; but the truth about Donald Trump being German soon came out. Trying to dig up dirt, many reports traced the history of his family back to Germany but it seemed that even Donald himself wasn’t sure which Trump was German.? On more than one occasion, Donald has claimed that his father, Fred Trump, was German and born in Germany.? Of course, many people have called his bluff.? It’s since been proven he wasn’t wrong about the Trumps being German but instead about which Trump was born in Germany. Trump’s Grandfather was German. Born in Kallstadt Germany in 1869, Trump’s grandfather...

Is Trump Being Impeached?

It’s a question on everyone’s mind – Is Trump being impeached?? The answer isn’t as simple as one may think.? Some activist groups and Senators have been calling for Trump’s impeachment since his inauguration.? They have had several reasons to drag the real estate tycoon turned leader of the free world – and he just keeps giving them more. Between the Twitter rants he’s indulged in and the variety of evidence piling up, it may seem pretty clear that Trump is being impeached. But impeaching Trump, or any President, isn’t something that just happens overnight.? Whether or not Trump is being impeached has been part of news articles since his initial scandal with Russia. Back then, it seemed that the rumors about Trump being impeached were just a...